Adult Adaptive Equipment

This section is devoted entirely to adults with special needs. Adults with physical disabilities have specialized adaptive equipment needs to help them be more independent in their daily lives. While trying to promote independence, adaptive equipment also serves to provide safety and stability for adults with functional limitations such as poor balance, decreased strength or movement, and decreased cognitive awareness. From walking to bathing, the Adaptivemall understands these functional needs and the importance of living independent lives, despite functional limitations. This category offers adult strollers, adult seating systems, adult bathroom positioning options and adult walkers.
Rifton TRAM
Sale Price: $4,255.00
Payments of: $709.17
(1 Review)
Rifton Large Rifton Activity Chair Standard
Sale Price: $1,412.00
Payments of: $235.33
Rifton Hi/Lo Large Activity Chair
Sale Price: $3,905.00
Payments of: $650.83
Ormesa School Table
Sale price: $1,170.00
Payments of: $195.00
Bike USA Stabilizer Wheels
Sale price: $179.99
Payments of: $30.00
Triaid TUFF Trike – Size 2
Sale price: $664.95
Payments of: $110.83
Rifton Tricycle - Large
Sale Price: $2,106.00
Payments of: $351.00
(2 Reviews)
The therapeutic benefits that adaptive equipment can provide are overwhelming. For example, the supervised use of standers has been proven to help promote increased strength, endurance, and overall, healthy organ system function. Adaptive equipment has been proven to help individuals develop the physical capabilities necessary to maintain independence in many areas of their everyday lives. Most importantly, adults with disabilities have been proven to enhance their social interaction, improve self-assurance, and develop a more positive mental health so deserved in their lives.

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