Balance Bikes

No-Pedal Balance Bikes have found a home in the special needs equipment world. While they weren't developed specifically for the special needs market, therapists and families quickly recognized the benefits of these products. The No-Pedal Balance Bikes help riders increase the amount they challenge their balance at their own pace. Many have seen improved balance skills and self-confidence with the use of these No-Pedal Balance Bikes!

Select from well-known, quality brands: STRIDER™, Skuut & Freedom Concepts
Strider SS-S2 Super 16 No-Pedal Balance Bike
Sale Price: $249.00
Payments of: $41.50
SKUUT Skuut™ Balance Bike
Regular price: $99.99
Sale price: $95.95
Freedom Concepts Balance Bike
Sale Price: $4,350.00
Payments of: $725.00
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