Snug Seat PONY Gait Trainer

The Snug Seat Gait Trainer supports a child in a vertical and upright standing position to begin walking movements even though the child is unable to put full weight on his legs or balance while standing. This gait trainer is designed for children with severe neuromuscular or developmental disabilities which would require the child to be completely supported in the upright position. The child can make reciprocal movements but does not have to be able to shift weight or have balance control. The Pony Gait Trainer enables children to experience new freedom of movement as they strengthen their physical and intellectual development. The gait trainer leg separator is standard and prevents scissoring during early stages of gait training. Which size gait trainer to choose? When sizing any gait trainer, both the thoracic support height (measured from the floor to under the arms) and seat height (by the measuring the inseam) are dimensions to properly size the Pony. We know the importance of proper positioning. Our therapists can help ensure that a proper fit is made between your child and the product you are considering. We have an experienced OT and PT on staff to work with you and your therapist. To start, please click SIZING HELP. Please provide all measurements possible for the best outcome.
Snug Seat PONY, Size 0
Sale price: $2,092.50
Payments of: $348.75
Snug Seat PONY, Size 1
Sale price: $2,092.50
Payments of: $348.75
Snug Seat PONY, Size 2
Sale price: $2,092.50
Payments of: $348.75
Snug Seat PONY, Size 3
Sale price: $2,407.50
Payments of: $401.25
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Love Love Love this product, cannot express how it has changed our ability to go places in our rural community... Thank you for making our world a little bit easier.
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