Snug Seat Mustang Gait Trainer

Available at the, the Snug Seat Mustang Gait Trainer Walker is a heavy duty, versatile gait training system for children with special needs. Recommended for children approximately 1 to 18 years old, the Snug Seat Mustang gait trainer can be configured as a posterior (reverse) gait trainer or anterior gait trainer. It comes standard with lock out brakes that can be drag adjusted to increase or decrease your child’s walking speed. Available in 4 sizes, the Snug Seat Mustang Gait Trainer provides trunk and pelvic support for children with minimal physical involvement, and head, neck and upper body support for children with more moderate to severe levels of physical involvement.
Snug Seat Mustang Gait Trainer, Size 1, YELLOW
Sale price: $1,741.50
Payments of: $290.25
Snug Seat Mustang Gait Trainer, Size 2, WHITE
Sale price: $1,813.50
Payments of: $302.25
Mustang Gait Trainer, Size 3, Red
Regular price: $2,850.00
Sale price: $2,565.00
Mustang Gait Trainer, Size 4, SILVER
Regular price: $3,260.00
Sale price: $2,934.00
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Love Love Love this product, cannot express how it has changed our ability to go places in our rural community... Thank you for making our world a little bit easier.
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