Exercise Balls

Therapy Balls are large training balls for developing vestibular response, balance, and gross motor activities. Inflatables are made from a vinyl roto-molded plastic.

Their shape is created by inflating them with air, and they are latex free. They are offered in the regular exercise and therapy version, a more burst resistant and ulta-durable version, and a soft textured version.

Tumble Forms balls are made of flexible urethane foam supported by a rigid core which prevents the ball from collapsing. Their shape is permanent and never needs to be inflated. The outer skin is much like the inflatable vinyl balls in appearance. The Tumble Forms skin is made from urethane for extra durability, and they are latex free.
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Love Love Love this product, cannot express how it has changed our ability to go places in our rural community... Thank you for making our world a little bit easier.
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