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About Me

I am a happy 9 yr old girl with the cutest dimples and the best laugh when you tickle me. I love to kick my feet when I am on a mat but I can't wait to see what I can achieve when I get to be in a Gait Trainer everyday. Who knows maybe I'll be able to get into some trouble and get to break stuff, but most of all I just want to experience something different after all when I kick my feet I make the most pleasant and my cutest sounds, I'm having fun. Right now I just get moved from my wheelchair to a mat to my bed for position changes. My mom tries to make me stand in a stander and by herself with my feet on the floor. I last 45mins in a stander but who likes to stand for 45mins? Anyway, I'm growing and getting heavier and it is hard for my mom to work on taking steps while holding me under my arms.

Currently my mom is striving to get me to go to school at a MOVE Model Site school. My current school isn't a model site. Move is important for my mom and me because the program works on skills needed for sitting, standing and walking which are taught simultaneously. There's no need to perfect sitting skills first then perfect standing ect. All skills are addressed at various times during the school day" regardless of the students developmental level."(move curriculum)

I would like to thank MOVE International for giving my mother new Hope for me and setting expectations for me, where before I didn't have any. Thank You Linda Bidabe for founding MOVE.

Thank You so much Adaptive Mall for helping my daughter and Family have hope for achieving our goal. Thank You for Arianna's KiddiePool.

Through our ebay sales and yard sales as well as some donations received at our yard sales we were able to raise $1000 towards Arianna's goal! Thank you to everyone who has helped and continues to donate generously to Arianna!

Kiddie Pool Donations

**Donation graphs will update within one to two business days of donation.

Thank You to all who have Graciously Donated in hopes of her gaining independence and acquiring skills that will benefit her. We are continuing to fund raise for some new equipment!!
Thanks Again Everyone!

Fun Facts

Fun Facts about Arianna!

She has the cutest dimples and the best laugh!

She loves twinkling lights and music.

She wants people to know that it is important for people like Arianna to be upright and out of their wheel chairs and beanbags. She’s very happy when she can be vertical even though she has a dislocated hip.

My Need

I am need a Rifton Support Station and a Rifton K170 Dynamic Stander. These provides the support I need with specific accessories to help me during daily activities!

Pool Rules

*Kiddie Pool Donations are like gift certificates. They can only be redeemed for product or credit on account with They cannot be refunded.

*An excess of funds might be in the child’s Kiddie Pool when the goal is reached. If this occurs, no refunds will be given. The funds may be used towards additional merchandise.

*The Kiddie Pool goal is based on the product and accessories current price at the time the Kiddie Pool is established and that price are guaranteed for twelve months. Actual order total is subject to change based on additional accessories chosen, size changes or price changes set by each manufacturer after twelve months. If a price increase has occurred, you have two options:

1. Increase the goal amount
2. Put acquired funds on credit with for later use

*After the goal is met and before your order is placed, will verify sizing with our staff therapists.
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