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Brynn B

About Me
My name is Brynn. I am 16 years old. I am a sophomore in high school where I go to class with all my special needs friends. I was born 4 weeks early and was very sick. I spent over a month in intensive care because I had very weak lungs. When I was feeling better the doctors sent me home and said I had cerebral palsy. Now my doctors say that I am developing scoliosis, which will bring about some more challenges ahead for me and my family. I already have had two eye surgeries and two surgeries on my legs to help keep my legs from curving in so bad. I have never been able to walk on my own and my Mom and Dad help me with everything. They say that I am getting very big and very heavy and I know it's hard on them to move and take care of me since I now weigh 100 pounds. My Dad broke his back at work a few years ago and I know it's hard on his back getting me in and out of my wheelchair, bed and the shower. I really want to make it easier for my parents. I love going to school because I am a social butterfly. My favorite subjects are having a book read to me and seeing my friends. Sometimes I get to play my favorite sport, which is basketball. Some of my friends push me in my wheelchair around the basketball court. It is a lot of fun. My favorite thing to do after talking to people is listening to my music on my tablet with my headphones. I love singing and dancing by waving my arms back and forth real fast. My typical day starts early at 5am to get ready for school. My dad carries me to the table so that I can eat. My parents always have to cut my food into small pieces because I have a difficult time chewing sometimes. I love to eat. It's one of my favorite things to do. Once it is cut up I can hold my spoon and scoop up my food. After I finish with breakfast they give me a shower, get me dressed, floss and brush my teeth and fix my hair. Once I am ready for school I get into my wheelchair and wait for the bus to pick me up on the street. When I hear the bus, I get so excited that I almost jump out of my chair! I am in school from 7am to 3pm but sometimes I have to miss part of the school day because I go to physical and occupational therapy each week. I also work hard at school. Sometimes I get to go down onto the mat and do some stretching and crawling around. My personal assistant helps me do everything at school and helps me in my classes. After school gets out, I say goodbye to my friends and teachers. Once the bus drops me off at home after school I get to spend time with my family, listen to my favorite music and dance a little before I get ready for bed and do it all over again. Thank you for visiting my Kiddie Pool and helping me reach my goal!
Fun Facts

Fun facts about Brynn B.

Her favorite color is...Yellow

Her favorite hobbies are...singing and listening to music

Her favorite community event is...Adaptive Basketball!

My Need
My Physical Therapist recommends that I get a Ultima™ Access Bath Transfer and Commode. This provides the support I need with specific accessories and is perfect for me!

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