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About Me

Hi! My name is Camdayn and I am 6 years old. I was diagnosed with Non-Communicative Austism and Epilepsy in 2010. I have two brothers and a sister and I am a very smart, loving and happy child.

A typical day starts when I wake up very early and decide everyone else should be up too. My Mom dresses me and feeds me breakfast before school. My Mom struggles with me to get me on the bus but she makes sure to wave and blow kisses before I pull away. I attend school where it depends on my report for the day whether I get iPad time when I get home. I make Mom chase me after getting off the bus and make her carry me in the house all while I laugh bout it. Mommy gives me snack, reads and plays with me till Daddy gets home and we have dinner . After dinner I get a bath and lay in Daddy's recliner with him till I fall asleep, waking every now in then to move his hand to pat me on the butt. Then Daddy carries me upstairs to bed.

I need a new Car Seat and a stroller that will keep me safe and comfortable. Thank you for visiting my Kiddie Pool and helping me get the equipment I need!

Fun Facts

Fun facts about Camdayn B.

His favorite parts of school and story time

His favorite hobbies are...playing on the ipad and reading "Boom Chicka Boom"

My Need

My mom has tried all car seats and strollers from local stores and I'm either to big for or maneuver my way out. My mom runs all her errands during the day cause just getting me in the house from the bus takes at least 20 minutes. My mom has degenerative disc disease and shouldn't be picking me up but everyday she does and I love her for it. I want her to be able to take us different places like parks and the zoo without having to worry about me getting loose.The Special Tomato MPS Car Seat and a Convaid Cruiser Transport Stroller provide the support I need with specific accessories and will be comfortable and safe for me!

Pool Rules

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