Car Seat Strollers

The offers many car seat solutions to parents of children with special needs. Many parents and caregivers want to add a stroller style mobility base to their child's car seat. These car seats and corresponding mobility bases provide adaptive positioning along with the ability to transport your child within the same positioning seat.

We offer stroller mobility bases for the Special Tomato MPS and the Columbia Medical Car Seat. Also, Tumble Forms offers a Rover mobility stroller base for their very popular Carrie Safety Car Seat.

Quality is consistent throughout our car seat stroller selection, and parents love the flexibility these strollers offer them to keep their child properly positioned in their favorite car seat, while opening up the child’s mobility options with a specially designed stroller base. Convenience and proper positioning provide for a more comfortable experience!
Special Tomato Small MPS with Push Chair Base
Sale price: $3,627.80
Payments of: $604.63
1 Review
Special Tomato Large MPS with Push Chair Base
Sale price: $4,089.80
Payments of: $681.63
1 Review
Tumble Forms Junior Carrie Seat Rover Complete
Sale price: $3,483.95
Payments of: $580.66
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