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About Me

Carter is almost 7 years old. He is growing and his needs are changing. We were able to get him a new stroller and will fund raise for other equipment as the need arises!

Most of you know his story but here is a little bit of information about Carter:

We adopted Carter from foster care. We first got Carter when he was 14 months old. In Arkansas, a bill was passed in 2013 by Governor Beebe. It is named in honor of Carter, "Carter's Law". This bill educates and raises awareness for the prevention of shaken baby syndrome (SBS), thanks to his Uncle Larry and Aunt Danielle.

Carter is missing out on living a normal life, the life he was born to have, but, he knows love and is loved by so many people all over the world! He has a fb page that raises awareness and educates on SBS. He has followers to his page from every state in the USA and 19 countries worldwide! Because of Carter's story, we have received comments and stories from people how Carter saved them from shaking their child in that moment of frustration. Carter popped into their head and they hugged their child and cried.

"Carter is so much stronger than his story." He is brave, strong and has persevered in the presence of daily obstacles !! He endures pain, has global delays in all areas and chronic health issues but never fails to smile the most contagious smile ever. He has the sweetest giggle ever and makes our family so proud of him. Carter is the love of our lives and we will fight to help him achieve his greatest potential and receive the equipment he needs to make his life easier. Yes, it's hard to ask for help but Carter's needs are great and his equipment, therapy and medications are costly. We set our pride aside and humbly ask for help from others. We love Carter that much !!!! Thank you for helping Carter reach his goal!

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Fun Facts

Fun facts about Carter F.

Carter is excited to start Kindergarten in August 2016!

Carter is looking forward to starting Miracle League Ball this fall!

My Need

My Physical Therapist recommends that I get a Convaid Rodeo Tilt Push Chair. This provides the support I need with specific accessories to allow me a comfortable and safe way to get around easily.

Pool Rules

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1. Increase the goal amount
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*After the goal is met and before your order is placed, will verify sizing with our staff therapists.
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