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Convaid Chest Harness Trunk Support Options - Rodeo/Safari

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The H-Harness with Padded Covers Plus 3-Point Positioning Belt with Depth Adjustable Crotch Strap provides postural support for the trunk and pelvis. The H-Harness provides the occupant with anterior trunk support to maintain upper body positioning and prevent fatigue. The 3-Point Positioning Belt helps to maintain proper position of the pelvis and prevent sliding forward in the chair. Both are easy to disconnect for transfers. These accessories come standard when the Rodeo with Transit Option is ordered. This Accessory must be ordered at the time the Push Chair is purchased to get the price listed above. If it is ordered after the Push Chair has been delivered, please call our Customer Service Department to find out what the additional charges will be for this item when purchased "Off-Chair".

The adjustable Full Torso Support Vest should be purchased when aggressive trunk support is needed. It helps the user maintain correct midline upper body position, prevents slumping and assists with shoulder retraction. The user is kept comfortably and securely in place. The vest is easily adjusted and detached NOTE: You must also purchase a 3-Point Positioning Belt in order to make the Torso Vest work properly. (Transit models include the 3-Point Positioning Belt as a standard feature.)

You must provide the Serial Number for your existing Convaid Push Chair when ordering accessories to add to the Convaid Push Chair that you already own. Please enter the Serial Number into the “Comments Section" during the check-out process.

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