Contoured Wrap-Around Padded Toilet Support

For children and adults with special needs, both independence and personal privacy are made possible with Columbia Medical Contoured Wrap-Around Padded Toilet Supports. The back support positions the child's trunk for stability and alignment with the toilet. The trunk is secured with a safety strap.

All toilet wrap-around support models fit any institutional, school, or home toilet. Toilets with the Columbia Medical Contoured Wrap-Around Padded Toilet Supports installed can still be used for regular purposes. The back lifts off the attachment frame easily with the turn of two knobs.

Easy to install, all Contoured Wrap-Around Padded Toilet Supports mount with the same bolts that hold toilet seats to their toilet bowls. A full range of four size toilet wrap-around supports provide different widths, heights, reducer rings and seat depth adjustment. Study the dimensions and compare them with your application for the best selection and fit.

Also available from Columbia Medical are numerous toilet seat modifiers and splash guards. You are sure to find a solution here to meet your specific needs.

Please Note: For the health and welfare of others, we regret that we cannot allow toileting or bathing/shower product returns, including the products on this page, because of sanitary and personal hygiene reasons. Please click here Returns Policy to view our complete Returns Policy.
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