Columbia Medical Omni Commode/Shower Chairs

Having a loved one with special needs can be challenging when there are physical disabilities that make tasks like toileting and bathing more difficult. This multi-purpose reclining commode and shower/bath chair is specifically designed to improve positioning and safety during toileting and bathing. The Omni™ Reclining Commode/Shower Chair serves as an over-the-toilet or commode chair as well as a roll-in shower chair for children and adults with special needs. The special needs commode/shower chair is available in 3 sizes for children approximately 7 years old to adult years.
Columbia Medical Ultima Access Rolling Shower/Commode Chair
Sale price: $1,766.95
Payments of: $294.49
Here are just a few of the Omni Reclining Commode/Shower Chair’s many therapeutic benefits: It eliminates the need for multiple pieces of costly equipment. It increases safety and stability while transferring a child with special needs in the bathroom. It has easy-to-clean fabric and a heavy-duty stainless steel frame that are durable and long lasting. This special needs commode and shower chair allows you to adjust the angle from an upright position to a horizontal position for individuals who require additional head, neck, and trunk support.

All Columbia Medical Omni™ Prima Reclining Commode/Shower Chair are made with high-quality materials that are SILICON-FREE & LATEX-FREE for children and adults with special needs, as well as allergies.

Is this Product Right for You?
  • Reclining Commode/Shower chairs
  • Target user age is children and adults with mild to more severe levels of physical disability
  • Critical measurements: Thigh depth & Hip width

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Please Note: For the health and welfare of others, we regret that we cannot allow toileting or bathing/shower product returns, including the products on this page, because of sanitary and personal hygiene reasons. Please click here Returns Policy to view our complete Returns Policy.
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