Tumble Forms Feeder Seat Rover Chairs

Tumble Forms Feeder Seat Rover Chair is designed for child, adolescent, or adult mobility. It consists of an Feeder Seat with a heavy duty Rover Chair Base that is built for rough use. The rugged frame has large pneumatic tires to roll over rough terrain. The foot rest is height adjustable with straps for each shoe. The Feeder Seat may be lifted out of the chair base and used separately anytime, and the chair base frame will fold with one "click". Feeder Seat tilts in space from upright to 45 degree recline.

Not sure of the difference between a Carrie Seat and a Feeder Seat? Look here for an explanation Carrie Seat vs. Feeder Seat.

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Tumble Forms Rover with Large Feeder Seat
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