Special Needs Equipment Funding With a Twist...

The Kiddie Pool Equipment Funding Program helps families across the globe

Adaptivemall.com is proud to offer the Kiddie Pool Equipment Funding Program. This exclusive program offers parents a new way to reach out to their friends and families to raise donations towards buying special needs equipment for their children.

By signing up, parents receive a dedicated webpage for their child on Adaptivemall.com where friends and family can donate as much as they can to help pay for adaptive equipment for the child. Donations can be as little as $10 and up to $5000. In the two years Adaptivemall.com has offered this program, we have seen thousands of dollars raised and more and more kids signing up daily.

When speaking to parents involved in the fundraising program, they gave several different reasons for signing their child up for a Kiddie Pool.

"There is equipment we would like for our child that is expensive and is not covered by insurance."

"It is hard for family members to buy gifts that can be used so I thought this would be a great way for them to feel better about their gifts knowing they were getting something that is greatly needed."

"We needed to replace a lot of outgrown equipment at the same time, and our friends and relatives had always had a hard time knowing what they could do for our child."

"The equipment is expensive. The idea of a kind of "layaway" and allowing friends and relatives to give directly to a fund for our child was great."

"I knew friends wanted to help and the Kiddie Pool was an easy way for them to contribute to something my child really needed."

The Kiddie Pool special needs fundraising program is simple. Once signed up, a custom email is sent for the parents to share with friends and family. Once donations are made, Adaptivemall.com informs the parents and lets them know once they can order the products for their child with special needs. Every product available on Adaptivemall.com can be part of a Kiddie Pool and there is no time limit to complete.

The Kiddie Pool is a great way to let friends and family know what they can buy a child for holidays and birthdays. A donation to their Kiddie Pool Fund goes a long way and helps children get closer to receiving the adaptive equipment they need.

To sign your child up for the Kiddie Pool, click here.
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