That’s me, Katie Bergeron, with some of the children from Early Intervention that I have worked with and their siblings. I am a licensed Pediatric Physical Therapist with hands-on experience with many wonderful children and their families. I understand how important getting the appropriate adaptive equipment can be for children, their parents, and caregivers. My sister, Carrie, is a young adult with Down syndrome. My family’s experience with Carrie has provided insight into the many challenges and rewards that go along with being blessed with a child with special needs. Our services at the® help families find the best equipment to support their children at their highest functioning level. We have created an experience for you that makes equipment selection a positive one. Our primary goal is to empower you with resources that allow you and your child’s primary caregivers to make the best decisions to meet your child’s unique needs. Katie Bergeron, PT, MS
President & COO®
At the®, we know how important it is for children with special needs to be given every opportunity possible. From years of experience, both personal and professional, we get it...
We Understand!™
OT/PT Help
The® is staffed by Occupational and Physical Therapists. When you email us at or call us at 1.800.371.2778, you will be connected directly to one of our therapists. We are licensed therapists with extensive field experience and are here to provide you with assistance in choosing the most appropriate equipment for your child’s specific needs. We have a SIZE HELP Request Form on the Home Page of the®, which is a simple form that you can fill out along with your child’s own therapists and doctors. You provide us with some critical measurements and indicate the type of equipment you are interested in. Our therapists then match the measurements and criteria you provide to the adaptive equipment offered at the®. Many people find this service extremely helpful, while others prefer to discuss things directly with our therapists by calling 1.800.371.2778. Our therapists know the products we display online at the®, and they work with you from initial contact through the entire order process. Our therapists not only help you choose the most appropriate equipment, but they also handle every aspect of your contact with the®. That means that they take care of placing your order, which can be comforting given how complicated adaptive equipment can be with multiple optional accessories that are offered.
No matter how you prefer to search the®, you will find the content to be very informative. The® is set up like a library with many different categories to choose from. We offer quality brands of strollers, standers, seating devices, walkers, bathing equipment and more. Our Online CATEGORIES page allows you to drill down from each category level to individual products that may meet your specific needs. The Online BRANDS page allows you to browse by manufacturer if that is the way you prefer to search. There is also a fully functioning Online SEARCH device offered at the®, which lets you search the site, by key word. Our therapists write the copy for each product, and ensure that the therapeutic benefits of each device are explained. All of this is complemented by product pictures and pricing information. Product information is supplemented by our therapist e-mail and phone support, all of which is provided to educate and empower you. We hope that you find all of this to be a meaningful resource tool when you are evaluating and choosing adaptive equipment for your child.
The® provides FREE SHIPPING & HANDLING anywhere in the 48 Contiguous United States of America. Your order must be $100 or more to qualify. If your order is less than $100, a $7.00 shipping and handling fee will be added regardless of size or weight! Shipments are sent via commercial ground carriers such as UPS, Fed Ex, or Parcel Post. Your order will travel by regular ground service which usually takes 2-5 working days. For orders to Hawaii and Alaska, we give you at least 2 shipping options to choose from. For International Customers,® will pay to ship your order to the US domestic port of departure as if you were a domestic customer at your request. However, the shipping charges for overseas destinations, including any taxes and duties imposed by your own government, must be paid by the international customer (consignee). Contact us for specific shipping quotes. If you require rush delivery methods, our therapists will provide you with alternatives and pricing.
Our 30-DAY GUARANTEE POLICY allows you to try out the product. Return it to us in like-new condition within 30 days without a re-stocking fee. The only risk you take is the potential of paying for the Return Shipping. Rest assured that with the thorough work our therapists provide, people are satisfied with the quality and size of the adaptive equipment they purchase. The result has been very few and far between returns from our customers. Our system can work for you too!
The® provides discounted adaptive equipment prices well below Suggested Retail Prices. We realize that many parents and caregivers are concerned about the high cost of adaptive equipment relative to mass marketed items. We do our best to positively influence the final price wherever it is possible. The base Sale Price* for each product is listed in this catalog. For complete accessory pricing information, log-on to or call us at 1.800.371.2778 for our most recent product updates and SALE prices. Our products are always on SALE! At the®, ...We Understand!

Contact Information:
Bergeron Health Care
15 Second Street
Dolgeville, NY 13329

TOLL FREE #: 1-800-371-2778 (8:30 AM-5:00 PM M-F Eastern Standard Time)
INTERNATIONAL PHONE #: 1-302-683-9300
FAX #: 1-315-429-8862

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