Inflatable Therapy Balls

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Sometimes "Swiss therapy balls" are called "Gymnastik" balls, or "Physio" balls, these inflatables are the exercise balls you've heard about. The unique molded vinyl construction is uniform seamless for strength. "Gymnastik" balls and "Physio" balls provide the best balance of strength and softness. They will support up to 500 lb. (227 kg) of weight, and they are latex free! Teach movement skills, balance training, stretching, and strengthening of specific muscle groups when utilized with a physical or occupational therapy program. These inexpensive balls are ideal for any professional therapy program as well as being affordable for home or office exercise. A wide variety of sizes range from small 16.5" (42 cm) up to almost 4 feet at 47" (120 cm) in diameter. You can create thousands of gross motor movement patterns with infants up to very large adults. Selecting the correct ball size is easy. Just measure the length of the user's arm from armpit to finger tips. That arm length is the target diameter of the ball you could select. Since ball diameters will not match arm measurements exactly, a wide range of plus or minus 5" (13 cm) arm length is a good fit-range for ball use. The larger balls are offered for activities that may not require independent arm or foot contact with the floor.
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