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About Me

My name is Jayden, I am 10 years old and in the second grade. When I was two years old I was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, I also have the challenge of being deaf. I try so hard to do things for myself, but it’s frustrating when I can’t. A day in my life is so difficult. Something as simple as putting on socks or brushing my teeth is a real challenge. With the help of all these adaptive devices, I can try to be as efficient and as normal as possible. In spite of my disabilities I’m the happiest kid on earth!

Kiddie Pool Donations

**Donation graphs will update within one to two business days of donation.

Pool Rules

*Kiddie Pool Donations are like gift certificates. They can only be redeemed for product or credit on account with They cannot be refunded.

*An excess of funds might be in the child’s Kiddie Pool when the goal is reached. If this occurs, no refunds will be given. The funds may be used towards additional merchandise.

*The Kiddie Pool goal is based on the product and accessories current price at the time the Kiddie Pool is established and that price are guaranteed for twelve months. Actual order total is subject to change based on additional accessories chosen, size changes or price changes set by each manufacturer after twelve months. If a price increase has occurred, you have two options:

1. Increase the goal amount
2. Put acquired funds on credit with for later use

*After the goal is met and before your order is placed, will verify sizing with our staff therapists.
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