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About Me

Hi my name is Jordan. I am 15 years old and in the 9th grade. When I was 2 years old I was diagnosed with Autism and a Mosul disorder and had severe Asthma.

When I went to School it was hard to learn and to make friends because I was different. I never got to go to a friend’s house. I would sit on the playground and do nothing and nobody would ask me if I wanted to play. If I ask if I can play everyone would laugh at me or run away. I never got invited to a birthday parties.

When I was a 5th grader I moved from Plano, IL to Auburn, WA. I was scared and sad. I went to a school called Washington Elementary school. Then I got transfer to a different school called Chinook Elementary school. I loved my new school and I met friends for the first time. When I went into the 6th grade I had lots of people working with me in the classroom. I had Speech therapy and working with the OT and the PT. In PE we would get the Adaptive bike out and we worked with my muscles and stuff. After I rode the bike a couple times I really wanted to get my own bike but it costs lots of money. We could not afford it.

When we go places it was hard for me to walk for a long time. We would rent a wheelchair for the day. We really want to get our own wheelchair. Typical bikes are really hard and frustrating and I cannot ride one on my own. I really like doing things by myself. I am very active and social and I love to do things with Friends. This year I won a Gold medal at state basketball championships and made a basket during the game!

Cycling, basketball, bowling and track & field are my Favorites, but I like all ball sports.

Please help me to achieve my goals. I don’t need a lot in a day, just a little bit more. Feel free to share my Kiddie Pool page with friends and family and on social media networks!

I would like to raise enough money for a new tricycle and a new chair. Thank you for donating so I can get the equipment I need. I'm so happy!!Please and thank you so much!

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Fun Facts

Fun facts about Jordan M.

Her favorite color is...Pink, purple and blue

Her favorite hobby is...sports cycling

My Need

My Physical Therapist recommends that I get a Rifton Tricycle, a Convaid Convertible Bus Transport Wheelchair and a Freedom Concepts Adventurer Trike. These provide the support I need with specific accessories and they are perfect for me!

Pool Rules

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