KAYE Adult Walkers

The Kaye Adult Walkers are now offered with the same heavy-duty posture control frame that has been offered for children and teenagers.

These walkers are recommended for Adult users 6 feet tall and over.

Independent mobility is the ultimate goal for any individual. Kaye Adult Walkers offer good symmetry for proper body alignment. This gives opportunity for trunk stability and balance to allow independent walking, even if with small steps.

All rear wheels have a ratchet mechanism that prevents backward movement as the user steps forward. This prevents backward movement and helps to develop a more normal rhythm, with added safety of greater control. The fixed directional 4-wheeled walker OR 4-wheeled walker with swivel front wheels can be purchased with silent bearing wheels if the ratchet mechanism is not preferred.

To simplify your walker choice:
1. Choose the Walker with Seat model OR Walker without Seat model
2. Choose Wheel layout (2 wheel, 4 wheel, OR 4 wheel w/ swivel front wheels)

We know the importance of proper positioning. Our therapists can help ensure that a proper fit is made between your child and the product you are considering. We have an experienced OT and PT on staff to work with you and your therapist.

To start, please click SIZING HELP. Please provide all measurements possible for the best outcome.
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