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About Me

Katherine has CDKL5 is a rare X-linked genetic disorder that results in early onset, difficult to control seizures, and severe neuro-developmental impairment. Most children affected by CDKL5 suffer from seizures that begin in the first few months of life. Most cannot walk, talk or feed themselves, and many are confined wheelchairs, dependent on others for everything. Many also suffer with scoliosis, visual impairment, sensory issues and various gastrointestinal difficulties. Katie has also been diagnosed with West Syndrome, refractory epilepsy, global developmental delay, hypotonia with multiple joint laxity, mitochondrial dysfunction, strabismus, she wears AFOs and the sweetest disposition you will ever meet! She is currently undergoing genetic testing to see what genetic issues she may be dealing with. Katherine is the youngest of 4 children. Our lucky Princess has 3 older brothers who absolutely love her!

Kiddie Pool Donations

My Need

A Special Tomato Soft Touch Sitter with Mobile Base will provide Katherine with a safe and comfortable seating system that promotes good posture. The mobile base allows the Sitter to be moved without compromising positioning.

A Special Tomato Jogger will help Katherine get out and about with her brothers comfortably and offers plenty of room for growth.

A Playaway Toy Toddler Swing, Net Swing, and Support Bar will allow Katherine to enjoy the fun of swinging while helping to work on sensory input and build muscle tone no matter what the weather.

A Yogi Support Beanbag,a Snug Seat Mustang Gait Trainer and a Tumbleforms Therapy Ball will also help Katherine during therapy.

Pool Rules

*Kiddie Pool Donations are like gift certificates. They can only be redeemed for product or credit on account with They cannot be refunded.

*An excess of funds might be in the child’s Kiddie Pool when the goal is reached. If this occurs, no refunds will be given. The funds may be used towards additional merchandise.

*The Kiddie Pool goal is based on the product and accessories current price at the time the Kiddie Pool is established and that price are guaranteed for twelve months. Actual order total is subject to change based on additional accessories chosen, size changes or price changes set by each manufacturer after twelve months. If a price increase has occurred, you have two options:

1. Increase the goal amount
2. Put acquired funds on credit with for later use

*After the goal is met and before your order is placed, will verify sizing with our staff therapists.
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