KAYE T-Seats

The KAYE small T-Table and companion adjustable T-Seat are shown here to provide seating and a play surface for this 3 year old girl. They adjust to children of various ages for sitting and hand use.

The KAYE T-Seats are based on the KAYE Therapy Benches but are specifically designed to fit with the KAYE T-Tables. The dimensions allow them to fit entirely under the T-Tables. Like the Therapy Benches, they are adjustable in height and can be tilted to place more weight on the feet and provide a more vertical pelvis. These smaller seats are convenient for homes and schools while providing the same options for adjustable seating.
Kaye Products T-Seat Small
Sale price: $201.86
Payments of: $33.64
Kaye Products T-Seat Large
Sale price: $240.77
Payments of: $40.13
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