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About Me

My name is Madeleine but most people call me Maddie. I am 8 years old and have a rare genetic disorder called Miller-Dieker syndrome. It is a form of lissencephaly (which literally translates to smooth brain). This means that the cortex of my brain did not fully develop. Because of this, I have very limited control over motor functions so I cannot walk or talk. I cannot hold on to anything so I have to have a grownup do most everything for me (and big people never seem to know what I want).
Even though I cannot do things that other little girls can do, I still like to do exciting things. I love being outside and going fast. When my mommy swings me I love to go real high (it makes me laugh and laugh). When I was smaller, my daddy used to throw me up in the air and catch me. I would giggle and giggle when he did this. One of the few things that I can do by myself is to rock in my rocking chair. If I kick my feet real hard I can rock back and forth for hours (I really do have abs of steel).
Unfortunately, I have outgrown my rocker and need a new one. My mommy and daddy are saving money so they can buy me one that fits and is made for little girls like me. They are also saving up to buy me a new special stroller so that we can go on long walks in the parks and woods again. (I can’t wait to look for squirrels and bunnies running and playing).
Thank you to everyone who helped me get my stroller! If you would like to help me get a new rocking chair you can; just follow the simple instructions on this page. When there is enough saved they will surprise me with it. I can’t wait!

Love, Maddie

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Fun Facts

Fun facts about Madeleine E.

Her favorite color is...Aqua Blue

Her favorite hobby is...Horseback Riding

Her favorite community event is...Water Skiing

My Need

I would love a Leckey Pal Rocker. It is perfect for me!

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