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About Me

Hello! My Name is Matthew and I’m 10 Years old. I can’t talk and it is hard for me to communicate with my family and school because I have severe Autism. When I was 3 years old I was diagnosed with Autism. My parents were really scared because they had never even heard of this even though they knew I was different as a baby. I always had to be moving. When I was a baby I would not sleep unless I was rocking or swinging. I like to run off when we go outside. Sometimes I run into the street if my Mommy and Daddy take their eyes off me for one second. I’m not aware of the dangers. I like to laugh a lot, even when there’s nothing funny. I’m very strong and I keep getting stronger as I keep growing.

My Mom has a hard time holding on to me when I decide I want to do something she doesn’t want me to do. Right now when we go to the store (which I love to do!), I sit in the shopping cart but I'm getting too big for that. People look at my family funny. Also, I like to get out of my seat while we are driving and this makes my Mom and Dad very nervous for my safety. So if you can help my Mom and Dad buy me a stroller and special needs car seat so I can ride in our van safely, it would make me very thankful!

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Fun Facts

Fun facts about Matthew L.

I have 3 sisters who are very protective of me

I like to go to the park and swing and go down slides

I like to spin things, even spinning myself around!

I like to pull the grass up form the ground and let it go to watch it fall

My Need

Matthew is non-verbal and has severe Autism. He likes to get out of his seat belt when we are driving around and likes to run off when not in a Shopping Cart at the grocery store(which he loves to go to). He is getting too big for the shopping cart and likes to try to get out of it. A Special Tomato EIO Push Chair and Special Tomato MPS Car Seat would be perfect for him!

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