Whether therapy or fun, proper positioning is crucial for posture and continued muscle development and stretching. As simple as a roll for improving sitting balance or a wedge for positioning support while lying on the back (supine) or stomach (prone), positioning therapy equipment comes in various sizes for users of all ages. The Tumble Forms Modular Positioning for a variety of needs, positions, and therapy purposes.

For school or at home, therapy systems can range from floor positioning systems to swings that help with posture, trunk control and sensory integration needs.

Sleep time positioning is just as important for good rest and health. Check out the Sleeping Star system designed to help children stay asleep through the night or the Beds By George variety of adaptive beds that provide a safe and secure sleeping environment.

For other positioning needs, look at our variety of lifts and transfers systems to help with hygiene care, life skills and safety. These lifts can help transfer users from the bed, the wheelchair, the toilet or the floor.

To find the best positioning options, contact our therapist toll free at (800) 371-2778 or fill out a SIZING HELP form. Our therapists can help you find an appropriate special needs equipment for your therapy and positioning needs.
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