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R82 Stingray

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Product Description

The R82 Stingray adaptive stroller with its trend setting carbon fiber base has a sleek, contemporary look that families love! But, it’s the thoughtfully designed features of the Stingray that families find most appealing. Available in two seat sizes, the frame’s technology ensures a smooth ride and effortless maneuverability. The Stingray also has a revolutionary swivel seat designed to quickly and easily transform the wheelchair from forward facing to rear facing, even with the child in the seat! The Stingray is in a league of its own.

The Stingray is appropriate for children with mild to significant need for postural support. The Stingray comes standard with both tilt-in-space and recline features. Tilt-in-space tips the whole seat back up to 45 degrees while maintaining the angle of the hip. This is important for children with poor postural control or abnormal muscle tone. The recline function moves only the back of the seat and changes the angle of flexion (bending) at the hip. As the backrest reclines, the hip angle opens making it greater than 90 degrees. The Stingray reclines to 170 degrees creating a place for sleeping or personal care in seconds. The seat pan plates have a slide adjustment to allow for increasing both back height and seat depth by as much as 6 in. (15 cm)! The upholstery of the Stingray comes in several vibrant color options and is removable and washable. The push handle is height adjustable for caregiver comfort.

Transporting the Stingray is easy. Whether removing the seating unit to fold the frame for storage in the trunk of a car or transporting the Stingray on a wheelchair accessible van using optional transit brackets, transportation is no problem. The Stingray complies with ISO 7176-19, for safe transportation in motor vehicles with wheelchair tie down systems. The Stingray is approved for transportation for children up to 88 pounds.

Two 7 in. 360 degree front swivel casters can be locked into place allowing only straight forward and backward motion. The 12 in. rear tires allow for ease of pushing and steering over any terrain. The frame has adjustable spring suspension to dampen vibrational forces. Choose between Individual Wheel Locks, Hand Brakes, Central Wheel Locks and/or Quick Release Rear Axles.


The Sculpted Head Support is the preferred head support option for Stingray seating. It offers cushioned lateral (side) support to help children maintain a well aligned midline head position. It is appropriate for children who require minimal to moderate head support. Available in two sizes. Please refer to picture carousel for picture and measurements.

The Contoured Headrest provides support and cuing, cradling the head in a well aligned midline position. This head support is appropriate for children who require minimal assistance or cuing for proper head position. Please refer to picture carousel.

The Anatomic Head Support is designed to provide increased support to the occiput (base of the head) for children with poor head and neck control. It provides support by cupping the back of the head, ensuring a snug yet comfortable fit that helps to prevent the head from sliding sideways. It is mounted on a Turtle Bar System that is a Swing-Away mounting bracket adjustable for height, depth, angle and lateral movement (from side to side). Includes a Black Decutex Cover and Required Turtle Bar System, Short or Long, and Headrest Fitting. NOTE: Suggested User Shoulder Height of 16 in. or greater to use this headrest.

The 2-Part Headrest is mounted directly onto the back rest of the Stingray. Only minimal adjustments can be made to height and width. This headrest offers lateral (side) support to help children maintain a well aligned midline head position. It is appropriate for children who require moderate head support.


The R82 Stingray Vest is an adjustable vest harness that securely holds the child against the seat back. Helpful for the child with poor trunk/ postural control. The vest has a zipper and 6 straps for easy fixation and removal. Please refer to picture carousel for picture and a measuring guide.

The R82 Cross Vest provides upper body support with a focus on the sternum. The Cross Vest stays connected with Velcro® across the chest. There are six straps for easy fixation and removal. Please refer to picture carousel for picture and a measuring guide.

The Neoprene Vest is an adjustable one-piece vest harness that securely holds the child against the seat back. It is helpful for children with poor trunk/postural control. The Neoprene Vest has 4 fixation straps for easy positioning and removal. Please refer to picture carousel for picture and a measuring guide.


The 2-Point Upholstered Hip Belt is used for safety and to provide minimal support to the pelvis. Length: 13 in. (33cm) - 14½ in. (36.8cm). The 4-Point Padded Hip Belt is used to position and secure the pelvis on the seat. Proper positioning of the pelvis is the foundation on which a well aligned posture is built. This belt works well with individuals that tend to slide their hips forward.

Optional Hip Supports are used to narrow the seat width and are adjustable. Support provides additional stability for the pelvis during positioning. Adjustments to the Hip Supports are easily made without tools allowing adjustments as needed, even for changes such as indoor clothing to snow suits! Includes required Multi-Adjustable, Removable Hardware.


The optional Pommel or adduction block is used to help position lower extremities. It is especially helpful for children who have adductor spasticity which can cause pulling together or crossing of the legs. The block is also helpful for children who engage in extensor thrusting patterns. By discouraging full adduction or bringing together of the legs, this pattern is weakened and managed. The Pommel is able to be quickly removed and slid into place to improve ease and safety of transfers. Includes required adjustable, removable hardware.


Foot Straps loop through the precut slots in the footrest. They are easily adjustable for growing feet. They are used to stabilize the user’s foot on the footplate. Choose between straps with plastic lock closure or Velcro closure.

Is this Product Right for You?

  • A rugged Adaptive Stroller appropriate for children up to 88 pounds!
  • Accommodates children requiring minimal to extensive support to maintain proper postural alignment
  • Supporting fully upright to fully horizontal back positions in both forward and rear facing seat options
  • 2 seat sizes each with the ability to accommodate for significant growth
  • Questions? Our therapists can help you with a proper fit… to start please click SIZING HELP and complete a simple form, or call us toll free at (800) 371-2778

Standard Features of the R82 Stingray include:

  • One Size Frame that accepts Two Seat Sizes for Maximum Growth Potential
  • Easy conversion from Forward Facing to Rear Facing by turning seat 180 degrees, even with child in seat!
  • Adjustable Seat Height and Depth
  • Tilt-in-Space to 45 degrees
  • Back Recline to 170 degrees
  • Elevating
Size Chart
R82 Stingray Technical Specifications
Size 1
Size 2
Seat Width (A) - without hip supports
11 ¾" (30cm)
13 ¾" (35cm)
Seat Width between hip supports (accessories)
7" (18cm), 8¾" (22cm), 10¼" (26cm)
9" (23cm), 10½" (27cm), 12¼" (31cm)
Seat Width Between Knee Supports
11" (28cm)
13" (33cm)
Seat Depth (B)
7"- 11¾" (18-30 cm)
9¾"-15¾" (25-40cm)
Back Height at Shoulders (C )
10½"-16" (27-41cm)
14¼"-20" (36-51cm)
Backrest Height (C1)
16"- 21¾" (41-55cm)
19¾" - 25½"(50-65cm)
Footrest to Seat Distance (D)
5½"-17¾" (14-45cm)
5½"-17¾" (14-45cm)
Seat Surface Height
at Front Edge
20½" (52cm)
20½" (52cm)
Back Width, inside(F)
11¾" (30cm)
14¼" (36cm)
Back Width, outside(F1)
17¾" (45cm)
20½" (52cm)
Overall Width, Frame (G)
23¼" (59cm)
23¼" (59cm)
Length with Swivel 7" Front Wheels (H)
29" (74cm)
29" (74cm)
Length with Large 12" Front Wheels (H)
33" (84cm)
33" (84cm)
Overall Height with
Adjustable Height Handle
39¼", 40½",41¾" (100,103,106 cm)
39¼", 40½",41¾" (100,103,106 cm)
Back Recline
Foot Plate (widthxdepth)
12¼"x 8" (31x20cm)
12¼"x 8" (31x20cm)
Minimum Turning Radius
40¼" (102cm)
40¼" (102cm)
Folded Length
Folded Height
Total Mass-Frame
29.8 lbs (13.5kg)
29.8 lbs (13.5kg)
Total Mass-Seat
12.1 lbs (5.5kg)
14.3 lbs (6.5kg)
User Maximum Weight Limit
88.2 lbs (40kg)
88.2 lbs (40kg)
User Maximum Weight Limit
for Transportation
88.2 lbs (40kg)
88.2 lbs (40kg)

Stingray Overview :

How to use the Turntable Seat Function on the Stingray by R82

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