We understand that from time to time parts wear out or get misplaced. We will do our best to obtain the parts you need to keep your equipment in proper order. Your product's Serial Number is very helpful, as are pictures, and the approximate age, as products change from time to time.DELIVERY TIME: The Adaptivemall.com does not stock replacement parts in our warehouse. Replacement parts must be shipped from the manufacturer's assembly facility which may be located overseas. Delivery time is determined by each individual manufacturer and may be anywhere from 1 week up to 12 weeks or even more. Customer service will be able to provide you with an estimate based on your individual part requirements.PAYMENT: Payment for Special Order Parts Orders is due when the order is placed regardless of the length of time the manufacturer takes to ship the parts to you. Special Order Parts are ordered specifically for you and these orders are not returnable and are non-refundable.COST: Please note that each manufacturer has a different policy regarding orders for spare parts. To be fair to all we pass on directly to the customer the costs we incur on your behalf when placing orders for replacement parts."Special Order" items distributed by Sammons Preston are subject to a $50.00 minimum charge. Our standard $9.95 shipping fee still applies for orders under $100.00.Orders placed for items distributed by Snug Seat are subject to a $25.00 shipping and handling fee regardless of part cost or order total.WARRANTY REPLACEMENTS: If your item was purchased from the Adaptivemall.com we will work with the manufacturer on your behalf to resolve any warranty issues.
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