Rifton HTS

The special needs Rifton HTS (Hygiene & Toileting System) provides positioning for essential bathroom activities from toileting to showering. It is designed to be simple, yet versatile in most home, school and facility bathrooms. The positioning options on the Rifton HTS for the user allow you to pick and choose the amount of support needed. With the Rifton HTS, caregivers backs will no longer be hurting from transfers in and out of multiple pieces of equipment within the bathroom.

Rifton HTS - Small
Sale Price: $506.00
1 Review
Rifton HTS - Medium
Sale Price: $581.00
1 Review
Rifton HTS - Large
Sale Price: $763.00
1 Review
The Rifton HTS, paired with different options and/or accessories, has been designed with SIX configurations to meet most bathroom positioning needs.
  1. On The Toilet
  2. Over The Toilet
  3. Off The Toilet
  4. Shower Chair
  5. Portable Toileting Chair
  6. Bathtub Chair

In addition to its versatility, each size of the Rifton HTS has the potential for at least 5 years of growth. This feature helps the Rifton HTS last longer for each user and also makes it flexible for use by many users in a school or facility setting. The Rifton HTS adjusts without tools and is cleaned disinfectant wipes or a solution of up to 10% bleach.
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