Rifton Supine Standers

Since the late 1970’s, Rifton has designed numerous types of equipment for children and adults with disabilities. The Rifton Supine Standers are among an elite group of high quality products made by Rifton for children and adults with special needs. These special needs standers are latex-free and easy to clean with regular cleaning products.

One of the primary functions of the Supine Standers is to promote an upright standing posture to allow children and adults with disabilities an opportunity to interact with their peers at eye level. Adjustable armrests are included to provide support if needed or can be collapsed to allow a child’s arms to be free to explore objects in his or her environment. The Supine Standers can be positioned horizontally, vertically, and angle increments in between to provide customized weight-bearing support. A simple crank lever allows a therapist or caregiver to gradually increase or decrease the weight bearing required by adjusting the angle of the stander.

Available in two sizes, the Rifton Supine Boards are sure to provide secure, supportive positioning for a wide range of children and adults with special needs. The E420 Supine Stander is recommended for children 30"-50" tall, while the E430 TranStander Board is recommended for children and adults 46"-72" tall.

We know the importance of proper positioning. Our therapists can help you with a proper fit… to start please click SIZING HELP and complete a simple form, or call us toll free at (800) 371-2778.

To find the Rifton Supine Stander that is right for your child's special needs please click SIZING CHART.
Rifton Small Supine Stander – E420
Sale Price: $2,705.00
Payments of: $450.83
Large Supine Stander
Sale Price: $4,265.00
Payments of: $710.83
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