Rifton Tricycles

The Rifton Tricycles are a great way to combine fun and therapy! With a Rifton Tricycle, your child can join his siblings and friends in outdoor play! Itís a fun way to encourage independence during playtime. The Rifton Tricycles are designed to provide minimum support for your child. If more support is needed there are several accessories available to choose from to make it work for your child. Some standard features of the Rifton Tricycles are:
  • Puncture proof BMX-type tires
  • Low gear ratio to make pedaling easier to learn
  • Adjustable Handlebar Ė choice of Conventional or Loop
  • Low center of gravity for safety
  • Low transfer step for easy access
  • Care-giver operated Parking brake
  • Tote Box
  • Self-leveling Pedals with footstraps and rear pulley
  • All ANSI safety standards for tricycles are met or exceeded
  • Choose one of the sizes below for more information.
    Rifton Tricycle - Small
    Sale Price: $1,450.00
    Payments of: $241.67
    3 Reviews
    Rifton Tricycle - Medium
    Sale Price: $1,600.00
    Payments of: $266.67
    3 Reviews
    Rifton Tricycle - Large
    Sale Price: $2,270.00
    Payments of: $378.33
    3 Reviews
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