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Beds by George

Beds By George is based in the USA and designs and manufactures safety beds for children and adults. These beds are designed to be beautiful household furniture and not to look like it belongs in an institution. Beds by George was started by Aaron Clow, a dad who wanted his daughter with special needs to have a bed that was safe and functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. All beds are made to order and are hand cut, hand sanded and hand finished by Amish craftsman.

Some other terms for these types of beds are: Hospital Beds, Institutional Beds or Safety Beds. There isn’t a firm definition for a "safety bed". Beds by George defines them as providing: Fall Protection: The structure should have some physical barriers to minimize the possibility of that a user could fall out of the bed, whether awake or asleep. Protection from Entanglement/Entrapment: Beds by George has designed their beds to reduce any gaps or openings that could pose a threat to entanglement or entrapment. Containment: The Beds by George designs are created to help keep a user safely inside the bed while awake. This can be a controversial topic. However, if a user does not have the ability to get out of a bed independently and/or cannot be unsupervised during mobility because they could harm themselves or someone else, containment may be a necessity for safety.

There are three different models available. The Slumber Series and the Dream Series which allows more customization and feautres to match home decor. The HavenSeries which is a fully enclosed mesh top and side bed designed to have a softer side than the ridgid side models.

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  1. Beds by George Slumber Series _ Standard Sides - Electric
    Beds by George Slumber Series _ Standard Sides - Electric
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  2. Beds By George Dream Series - Hi Side
    Beds By George Dream Series - Hi Side
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2 Items

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