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Columbia Medical


Columbia Medical has been manufacturing pediatric rehab equipment for several decades. They are now a part of Inspired by Drive. Columbia Medical's focus is bathroom positioning but they also provide safe car seat options for children that need support beyond what a standard car seat or booster seat can give them.

Columbia Medical has bath chairs that tilt in space (the hip angle remains the same as the chair goes backwards), ones that recline (the hip angle opens up as the chair goes backwards, and ones that can both tilt in space and recline. Columbia Medical Bath Transfer Systems that eliminate the need for extra transfers from the bed to a wheelchair, the wheelchair to a toilet, the toilet to a shower chair, the shower chair to the wheelchair and then the wheelchair back to the bed. That is 5 transfers that can be reduced to just 2! It's safer for your child and helps preserve care givers backs.

Columbia Medical offers both bath chairs and rolling shower chairs that provide easy access in the seat to make sure that the care giver can thoroughly clean their child with ease. The rolling shower chairs can also be used as free-standing commodes to work on toilet training or to provide the right support for those children who already use the toilet successfully. Columbia Medical's car seats are crash-tested to provide safe positioning during transportation in a vehicle. Their car seats can accommodate up to 130 pounds and up to 66 inches of height.

Take a look at Columbia Medical's product offering! If you're not sure where to start, use our Size Help Request Form to have our on-staff therapist's help you select the best option for your child!

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  1. Columbia Medical Ultima Access Rolling Shower/Commode Chair
    Columbia Medical Ultima Access Rolling Shower/Commode Chair

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