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Kore Stools

Kore Stool Design’s award-winning products create a better life and work environment. Their patented design allows and encourages motion while sitting without compromising stability. Active sitting in this manner can improve core strength, posture, circulation, and the ability to focus. It also helps keep you comfortable and in place for longer periods of time.

Kore Design LLC. got its start in the 1970’s when Jon Elmaleh designed a rocking stool in woodshop. The first wobble chair was created in design school for a class project. In 1986 the Rocking Stool was awarded a USPTO Design Patent. In 1999 the first manufactured version of the stool called the Unistool caught the attention of a participating architect in the Museum of Modern Arts House Exhibition, and he recommended the stool to the museum shop. The design was then adapted for manufacturing, with a factory-built seat and piston. The base however was still handmade of wood. In 2005 the Unistool sold in the MoMA Design Store, and it was developed for mass production. The Unistool was doing well, but hand-turning all the bases was proving to be too much for one man. Jon began to seek out a means of manufacturing the entire stool; the biggest challenge would be accurately reproducing the perfect dome shape on the base. Stamped steel proved to be the right medium for mass producing the domed bottom. Other improvements were made as well – updating the height adjustment lever and creating a wider, more comfortable seat. Product refinement continued for 2 years, perfecting and testing the product to ensure its quality and durability. In 2009 the Kore Stool hit the market and was met with overwhelming success. From 2016 to present Kore Design has diversified and extended its product assortment with added categories, features and colors and is now sold to over 1,000 schools, institutions and business across the USA and sales continue to grow in other countries.

Replace a traditional chair with a Kore Design Wobble Chair! Research has shown that all of us can benefit from active sitting. Individuals with special needs may have even more reasons to use an active seat. The Kore Wobble Chairs come in sizes ranging from toddler to adult. Kore Chairs provide 360 degrees- side to side, front to back, or anywhere in between- of motion. They have proven beneficially therapeutic for people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), sensory processing disorder, and low muscle tone. Kore Chairs encourage active sitting in classrooms and at home which helps increase focus and attention.

The Kore Kids Wobble Chair has a seat height of 14 inches, the Kore Teen Wobble Chair has a seat height of 18.7 inches, and the Kore Kids Adjustable Height Active Chair has a seat height adjustment range of 16.5 to 24 inches.

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  1. Kore Toddler Wobble Chair - 10"
    Kore Toddler Wobble Chair - 10"
    Regular Price $46.99 $46.99
    Sale Price $41.99
  2. Kore Preschool Wobble Chair - 12"
    Kore Preschool Wobble Chair - 12"
    Regular Price $54.99 $54.99
    Sale Price $49.99
  3. Kore Kids Wobble Chair - 14"
    Kore Kids Wobble Chair - 14"
    Regular Price $64.99 $64.99
    Sale Price $59.99
  4. Junior Kore Active Wobble Chair - 16"
    Junior Kore Active Wobble Chair Height - 16"
    Regular Price $74.99 $74.99
    Sale Price $69.99
  5. Kore Teen Active Chair - 18.7"
    Kore Teen Active Chair - 18.7"
    Regular Price $84.99 $84.99
    Sale Price $79.99

5 Items

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