Tumble Forms Sensory Integration

Vestibular stimulation is the core of sensory integration therapy. This type of stimulation provides powerful input, which affects not just the vestibular system, but most other systems including visual, auditory, and proprioceptive. Since its effects are so far reaching it is clear that it cannot be randomly applied to any child. Even children who have been identified as having vestibular disorders do not all require the same type of vestibular stimulation. Some may require activation of the vestibular system which would be met very effectively through any of these pieces of equipment. But some may be experiencing excessive vestibular activity, in which case other modes of therapy should be used to modulate this. Exactly what occurs in therapy should be based on careful evaluation and observation by a therapist trained in sensory integrative evaluation and treatment. Through this, they can determine exactly where the child's problem is and which activities and techniques would benefit him most. If you need a larger selection, click Swings to explore more products on display at Adaptivemall.com main site.
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