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I Need Support In Back To Walk

Posterior Walkers and Gait Trainers for Learning to Walk or Recovering the Ability to Walk

Our walkers and gait trainers have been selected because of their reputation for quality and the therapeutic benefits they provide. There are two basic categories of walkers, anterior and posterior (also called reverse). Anterior walkers are placed in front of the user who places their weight forward onto the walker through their arms and pushes the walker forward. These are traditional walkers. Posterior walkers are placed behind the user. Weight bearing is down through the arms as hand placement is to the sides instead of forward. Research has shown that some people who walk with a reverse device have improved posture and hip extension resulting in a more natural and stable gait. When balance is a concern, a posterior walker can sometimes help since the person’s center of mass is within the base of support of the walker.

On this page you will find posterior or reverse walkers and gait trainers and some devices that can be configured for either orientation. They are offered in a full range of sizes appropriate for toddlers who are just beginning to walk through tall adults who have been walking for decades. The walkers and gait trainers shown offer a wide variety of accessories to insure customized support to meet the user’s unique needs. These walkers are also versatile and highly adjustable, so they can be adapted as the user’s ability changes. It is also important to note that many walkers today have optional accessories to convert them to gait trainers and most support features on gait trainers can be removed once the user’s ability has improved, making the transition between gait trainers and walkers a natural progression.

. Which Walker or Gait Trainer is Right for Me?

Talking to your therapist or your child’s therapist is always the best place to start when considering walkers and gait trainers. But if you have specific questions about the products shown here, the therapists on our staff are happy to provide clarification and custom advice. We ask that you begin the process by sending us a size help request and then we can work together with you from there.

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  1. Kaye Reverse Walker
    Kaye Reverse Walker
  2. R82 Crocodile Gait Trainer
    R82 Crocodile Gait Trainer
  3. Inspired by Drive Nimbo Walker
    Inspired by Drive Nimbo Walker
  4. Ormesa Birillo Pre-Gait Trainer / Walker
    Ormesa Birillo Pre-Gait Trainer / Walker
  5. Rifton Dynamic Pacer Gait Trainer
    Rifton Dynamic Pacer Gait Trainer
  6. Rifton Pacer Gait Trainer
    Rifton Pacer Gait Trainer
  7. Inspired by Drive Moxie GT Gait Trainer
    Inspired by Drive Moxie GT Gait Trainer

7 Items

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