The ThevoSleepingStar suspended sleeping system is one of the most extraordinary and technologically advanced mattress systems available to us today. It is expertly designed with a Winx suspension system that has successfully shown to help reduce the frequent nighttime wake-ups that plague children and adults with special needs, as well as their families. Simply put, the ThevoSleepingStar will help children sleep more thru the night, lead to quiet nights of deep sleep for their parents, and thus make it easier for families to get thru the day's events when more rested.

QUESTIONS??? Our therapists can help find the right size… to start please click SIZING HELP and complete a simple form. FOR MORE INFORMATION about suspended sleeping systems, our customer service center can help answer your questions. Please call us toll free at (800) 371-2778!!!
ThevoSleepingStar - Common Crib 27"x55"
Sale price: $1,499.95
Payments of: $249.99
ThevoSleepingStar - Twin Bed 39"x75"
Sale price: $1,669.95
Payments of: $278.32
ThevoSleepingStar - Hospital Bed 36"x79"
Sale price: $1,669.95
Payments of: $278.32
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This section is entirely devoted to sleeping and positioning systems that will be sure to provide the ultimate in contoured support, pressure relief, proprioceptive feedback (deep touch), and overall comfort essential for obtaining RESTORATIVE Sleep Patterns.

Children and adults with Sensory Integration Dysfunctions as well as other disabling conditions (ie: COMA, SPASTICITY, CONTRACTURES, PAIN, BRAIN TRAUMA, SPINA BIFIDA, Cerebral Palsy, and TUMORS) are frequently awakened during the night. Sleep disorders and Sleep deprivation have been clinically linked to such health problems as high blood pressure, obesity, negative mood and behavior, decreased productivity, and safety issues at home and in the community.

Understanding the impact that SLEEP has on health and disease can help us open our minds to SLEEP therapies, and 'extraordinary technologies’ that can improve sleep patterns, diminish disease, help manage pain therapy, and improve overall Quality of Life for those with special needs and their families.

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