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Bikes & Trikes

Ride, Play and Enjoy: Special Needs Bikes and Tricycles

In the quest for ensuring that your special needs family member is as mobile and free to explore as possible, nothing compares to bikes and trikes! At Adaptivemall.com, we have the best selection of bicycles, balance bikes, foot and hand cycles and tricycles for adults and kids with special needs. It doesn’t matter your requirements, we’re more than happy to help you find the right product, with features designed specifically for fun, adaptive play! Shop all of our two- and three-wheel bikes for adults and kids here!

Why invest in bikes and trikes for special needs children? The benefits are endless, but consider that a child who has never had the chance to ride a bike before might get a great sense of enjoyment and independence from their very first ride on a special needs bike. Besides that, these products act as therapeutic tools, providing physical movement, strength training and cardio for kids and adults who have limited mobility. What’s more, they provide kids with the chance to socialize and explore with peers and family members!

Understanding the Different Options

The first option in our selection is the special needs tricycle. These are traditional tricycles with three wheels designed for children and adults with special needs. They’re best for users who may not be able to balance on two wheels, and some feature bars so they can be pushed. We also have no-pedal balance bikes to provide therapy and mobility to those who may not be able to balance a typical bike for a prolonged period.

Next up is the foot and hand cycle. A great option for strength training and improved range of motion, these cycles require the user to propel the bike with both their hands and feet. For adults with special needs, we recommend starting in our adult bikes selection, where you’ll find special needs three-wheelers just for grown-ups!

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