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Freedom, Fun and Function: Adaptive Tricycles

Adaptive tricycles are the perfect solution for children with a range of special needs, as they allow kids freedom of mobility if they are not able to balance on a typical two-wheeled bike. A special needs trike differs from any other model because it provides extra support for those who have varying levels of physical involvement. For example, an adaptive tricycle might have a seat belt and trunk support mechanism that helps keep your child's body aligned for safe riding. Adaptivemall.com has handpicked a variety of therapist-recommended tricycles for kids with special needs by Freedom Concepts, Rifton and Triaid.

The Benefits of Special Needs Tricycles

Whether at home, at therapy or at school, tricycles provide kids with a safe way to explore, engage and get exercise! They allow children with special needs to experience this very special therapeutic activity without risk, leading to enhanced social interaction, more self-confidence and stronger muscles. The repetitive, circular motion can also be soothing and provide for better focus and more contained energy while also strengthening reciprocal motion in the legs. You can use tricycles to create a unique play-meets-therapy activity.

Special needs tricycles come in a fairly broad array of styles, from high-support models with chest straps, foot plates and chest harnesses to less involved trikes that are better suited for kids who need minimal assistance. We even have special needs tandem trikes - check out the Freedom Concepts Tandem Bike to see what we mean - that can accommodate you (or another adult) as well as your child. This is an awesome way to get out and see the world as a family! Adaptivemall.com handpicks high-quality adaptive bikes and trikes that come personally recommended by practicing occupational and physical therapists.

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