Adaptivemall Testimonials

"My granddaughter (who is 7 years old and autistic) recently received a Special Tomato car seat and it is wonderful!!!! Fabulous product and a heart-warming story"

"...Your website was very easy to navigate, the ordering process was easy, and delivery happened in less than a week...."

"I think the adaptive mall offers special needs parents a quite a bit of price difference than the other special needs catalogs that I have found. The bike that I purchased for my daughter also had free shipping which is a big help...."

"Top Notch service. Absolutely Excellent. Knowledgeable, the works. Very, very highly recommended."

" is a wonderful place to shop for many of the families I know!...I was very pleased with the professionalism of Adaptivemall and will be a repeat customer."

"I have bought several things from AdaptiveMall. Their prices for special needs items are better than any catalog, and the customer service is great!"

"My daughter has cerebral palsy and is very petite for her age. I spoke with customer service about a couple of options for strollers for us to use when we travel etc., instead of her wheelchair. The woman I spoke with was extremely helpful in providing all the details for the three different models we were considering, answering all my questions."

"Excellent service!"

"I am very pleased with adaptive mall. The product was just what I needed. The people were very nice and extremely helpful. I would recommend this site to any and everyone that may need it."

"The customer service was excellent! I had quite a few questions about the product, all of which were handled in a professional, caring manner."

"The merchant was very helpful in the selection of the proper item needed for my child. They did not try to talk me into anything."

"I ordered a specialized stroller for my daughter from Adaptive Mall. I had emailed measurements beforehand and received a personal response from one of the therapists. Her information was invaluable and the customer service I received from the company was outstanding."

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