TherAdapt was founded in 1987 and has been providing the special needs community and their families with high quality products ever since. In response to a specific child’s seating needs, the original founder of TherAdapt, a physical therapist, designed a prototype of one of the company’s first chairs. This chair provides all of the right features for proper pelvic positioning as well as remaining positioning needs.

TherAdapt is well respected and thrives as one of the most reputable manufacturers of adaptive equipment for children will special needs.

We at the are also striving to positively impact the lives of children with special needs, their families, and educators, and are pleased to now include the quality equipment line of TherAdapt at the!

Scroll below to view the invaluable ensemble of adaptive equipment available for your classroom, daycare center, therapy clinic, or at home from TheraAdapt.
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