TherAdapt Prone Standers

Designed by an occupational therapist, the TherAdapt Prone Standers provide children with special needs the anterior support required to maintain a comfortable, therapeutic weight bearing position through their lower extremities.

The TherAdapt Prone Standers are recommended for children who require anterior support, display emerging head and trunk control, or are beginning to right themselves from a prone position.

Available in three sizes, the TherAdapt Prone Stander successfully positions preschool, elementary, and secondary school age children at eye level to maximize peer interaction that is essential for social and emotional skill development. The prone standing position also promotes a sense of postural security in each child with special needs.

Scroll below to find the TherAdapt Prone Stander that will best suit your child’s special needs…
Theradapt Early Intervention Prone Stander
Sale price: $1,192.95
Payments of: $198.83
Theradapt Primary Prone Stander
Sale price: $1,342.95
Payments of: $223.83
Theradapt Intermediate Prone Stander
Sale price: $1,548.95
Payments of: $258.16
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