TherAdapt Supine Standers

The TherAdapt Supine Stander is recommended for the individual who is new to standing, has low muscle tone, or presents with extension dominant movement in the trunk and lower extremities. TherAdapt also makes an important note that alignment of the weight bearing joints is essential for successful positioning in the Supine Stander.

Available in three sizes, the TherAdapt Supine Standers range in size for positioning a small toddler to a teenager with special needs. With its unique features, the Supine Standers can be angle adjusted from 5° to 35° from the vertical position. This adjustment allows the therapist, teacher, or parent to gradually increase the weight bearing required as a child’s standing abilities improve.

Scroll below to view the Early Intervention, Primary, and Intermediate Supine Standers and their specifications to help you choose the system that will best suit your child’s special needs…
Theradapt Early Intervention Supine Stander
Sale price: $1,250.95
Payments of: $208.49
Theradapt Primary Supine Stander
Sale price: $1,526.95
Payments of: $254.49
Theradapt Intermediate Supine Stander
Sale price: $1,734.95
Payments of: $289.16
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