Tumble Forms Jettmobiles

Tumble Forms Jettmobiles provide fun and mobility during therapy or play activities. In prone, the Jettmobile gives incentive for shoulder and arm muscle coordination combined with arm and neck extension. Also when in prone, the chest wedge helps promote hip extension. The slight incline of both front and rear decks reduce hip flexion as you position the child. Jettmobiles come complete with 4 ball-style metal swivel casters, 1 Chest Wedge, 1 Abductor, 2 Half-Discs for lateral support, and 1 hip extension strap. are made of molded foam with a soft, seamless body-fluid-resistant coating applied as an outer "upholstery". FREE Methods Manual is provided to stimulate YOUR ideas!
Tumble Forms Jettmobile Child Size
Sale price: $693.95
Payments of: $115.66
Tumble Forms Jettmobile Adolescent Size
Sale price: $843.95
Payments of: $140.66
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