Umbrella Style Strollers

The "Umbrella Style Strollers" are all designed for children with special needs, and fold up like an umbrella for easy storage. You can see a Convaid Stroller here that is folded to its compact and convenient closed position. Freedom with less stress on your back muscles!

Convaid strollers are the most respected brand of special needs strollers available. We specialize in helping parents and caregivers select the most appropriate Convaid Strollers and accessories for their specific needs. The beauty of the baby umbrella stroller is that they are lightweight and foldable for convenience, but also designed with multiple accessories allowing for semi-customization. Made in the USA and of the highest quality, you will not be disappointed.

More simple buggy style foldable strollers are also offered for smaller children with mild to moderate levels of involvement. The Maclaren Major Special Needs Stroller is very popular because it offers over the shoulder straps and has an attractive English design. It is lightweight and easy to transport in the trunk of your car for trips around town and for vacations too.
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