Online they look pretty much alike, but the Carrie Seat has many additional features. Carrie Seat can be easily placed in any kitchen chair and strapped in place with the wrap around rear strap. With the footrest removed, it can be placed on the floor and leaned against an object to make it into a "floor sitter". The Carrie Seat is also an approved SAFETY CAR SEAT. Carrie Seat has some advanced seating and positioning contours that help and aid good posture, it has a HEADREST, a TRAY, and fully adjustable FOOTREST. Of course, all these features add weight. For example, the Medium Feeder Seat weighs 11 lb (5 kilo) and the Elementary Carrie Seat weighs 30 lb (14 kilo).The Feeder Seat is a simple molded shape of flexible foam and outer covering. It has an "H" harness for positioning, but it must NOT be used as a safety car seat. The Feeder Seat is usually used around the house for general seating purposes in a safe environment where constant monitoring is possible.
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