Yogibo Bean Bag Chairs & Accessories

Yogibo products are not your average beanbag chair. They are filled with uniformly sized polystyrene beads that work hand-in-hand with the special lycra-cotton blend cover. This combination of bead and fabric allows each Yogibo to conform to the contours of your child's body. Unlike traditional bean bags where the beads move around with the slightest movement, the Yogibo products stay in the same shape you start with.

Yogibo products are a perfect way to give your child a "supported" break from their wheelchair, stander, or seating system during the day.

The design of the Yogibo products allow them to conform to the body's curves. This provides more surface area of each Yogibo that comes in contact with the body, lessening the chance of pressure sores.

Many of the Yogibo products have some sensory integration applications too. For individuals that need to be "enveloped" in their seat to feel safe and secure, the Yogibo products can provide as much or as little of this as you want them to. And for those that like the resistance of a body sock, the cover of the largest Yogibos can be removed to be used like a body sock. Two products for the price of one!

Yogi Max
Sale Price: $264.00
2 Reviews
Yogi Mini
Sale Price: $144.00
1 Review
Regular price: $149.00
Sale price: $149.00
Yogi Support
Sale Price: $89.00
1 Review
Yogi Roll
Sale Price: $114.00
1 Review
Yogi Caterpillar
Sale Price: $109.00
1 Review
Sale Price: $25.00
Regular price: $39.00
Sale price: $34.00
Regular price: $29.00
Sale price: $24.00
Yogibo Buddy Roll
Sale Price: $49.00
Yogi Ball Max
Sale Price: $10.00
Regular price: $14.00
Sale price: $9.90
Hugibo Mate
Regular price: $15.00
Sale price: $15.00
Sale Price: $29.00
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