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Lightweight, Foldable, Potable Wheelchair Ramps

For people who require the use of wheelchairs, mobile seating systems, adaptive strollers or power scooters, accessibility is key. Everyday activities that require leaving the house and getting into a vehicle for transportation can be very difficult to impossible without the right equipment. TRIFOLD EZ-ACCESS ramps provide a great solution. They are lightweight and portable, splitting into two pieces making them easier to transport. They fold compactly for easy storage. The ramp’s sturdy aluminum construction makes it extremely durable and capable of supporting up to 700 lbs. (208 kg). The Top Lip Extension creates a threshold bridge that eases the transition onto and off the ramp. The non-skid surface of the ramp ensures safety.

To determine the length of the ramp you will require, the Americans with Disabilities Association (ADA ) has set forth the following guidelines: For each 1” of rise, you will need 12” of ramp. The number of inches in total vertical height = the number of feet in length you will need.

Access Ramps – Strong, Sturdy and Safe

Here at we understand that the world of adaptive equipment can seem overwhelming and when you need to consider ramps for entrances and vehicle access you might be way out of your comfort zone. We understand and have the experience required to ease your way. We have Physical and Occupational Therapists on staff to work with you and your therapist, to guide you and offer custom advice.

To get started, click SIZING HELP. Fill out and submit this online form. Please Note: Detailed body measurements are NOT required but in the comments section, please provide the weight of the wheelchair, scooter, or stroller you intend to use on the ramp you are considering and a specific measurement for height of rise to the structure or vehicle that is being accessed. If you plan to use the ramp for a variety of access points, please note height of rise for all.

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  1. Suitcase Trifold as Ramp
    Suitcase Trifold as Ramp

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