The bathroom can be a scary place due to wet surfaces and slippery soap. Safety is imperative for successful bathroom experiences. We offer several special needs equipment choices for toileting, bathing and showering. Click on one of these adaptive equipment categories below to get started.

Contact one of our staff to receive help choosing the best product to fit all of your needs. Start by filling out our SIZING HELP FORM so that you have all of the information needed to make the proper selection.
Bath time with special needs bathing equipment is safer for the child and the caregiver. Proper positioning of the child ensure safety when in a wet, slippery environment. Various types of special needs bath equipment also provide safety to the caregiver by assisting with transfers to the bathroom and/or into the tub. Choosing the right product for your specific adaptive equipment bathing needs from these categories:
  • Toileting/Commodes: Provide positioning and support for the user so that they can focus on using the toilet.
  • Bathing: Provide positioning for the user in the tub to promote safety and personal hygiene.
  • Showering: Provide positioning and support for the user while in the shower. The caregiverís hands are now free to help with washing and rinsing.
  • Bath Lift: A great solution for those that want a full soaking tub but still need assistance getting in and out of the bathtub.
  • Bath Transfer: Instead of bathroom renovations, a special needs bath transfer system make transferring a person into the bathtub when they need maximum assistance to do so.
  • Transfer Shower Chairs: Provide a rolling transfer solution for showers stalls that have a lip that makes it not possible to roll a shower chair directly into the shower.
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