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Sit-to-Stand Standers

Supportive Sit-to-Stand Standers

Your child needs support no matter what activity is happening - mealtime, socialization, homework, sensory play - and the right adaptive equipment can provide that support with less effort on your behalf. Sit-to-stand standers are units that are designed to offer therapy support in both seated and standing positions. In many applications, we ask those with special needs to sit for long periods of time, but standing is important. It provides your child with psychological, social and emotional benefits, from aiding in the digestive process to regulating sleep and wake cycles.

Sit-to-stand standers are designed to help your child reap all of these benefits while still providing necessary seated support and individual positioning needs. We have several standers made by EasyStand® to suit your child's specific needs. Choose a sit-to-stand stander that offers your typical sitting and standing positions as well as additional options like supine standing and neutral. Many of these standers actually offer infinite positioning options to ensure that there is no activity that can't be supported by this equipment!

Why Standing is Important

Standing can be beneficial to your child's development both physically and mentally. Allowing children with special needs to stand for some portion of the day can improve alertness, vocalization and responsiveness while also improving range of motion, circulation and respiratory function. Many therapists and parents also find that some standing time can enhance social development and interaction with peers. Make it easier with a sit-to-stand stander from Adaptivemall.com. We would be more than happy to provide you with custom advice on which style is most appropriate for your child's size and your specific set of requirements.

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