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Fine Motor

Therapy Just Got Fun: Fine Motor Toys

As a parent, teacher or therapist to a child with special needs, you know better than anyone the importance of fine motor skills. These skills, which focus on strengthening muscles and movement in the hands, fingers, mouth and feet, are key to helping us with all sorts of everyday activities. We use fine motor skills to eat, get dressed, play and write, so developing them is of prime importance. Though it seems counterintuitive, these skills are not innate. We must teach children - including those with and without special needs - how to hone them over time. Fine motor toys for children provide a fun and practical way to do that! and our team of therapists has put together an awesome assortment of toys to develop fine motor skills. These toys are made to engage kids so they have fun and build fine motor skills without even knowing it! Using proven activities and motions such as stacking, building, buttoning and tying, fine motor skills toys help your child develop good hand and arm strength while also spurring the imagination and encouraging fun. Each toy provides the right sensory experience and components for muscle development, dexterity and visual-spatial awareness as well as cognitive development and self-expression.

Therapy Toys for All Environments

We have therapy toys for kids at any age at, including therapist developed toys from kid- and parent-approved brands like Guidecraft and Melissa & Doug. We recommend these interactive therapy toys for all sorts of settings, from the playroom at home to the classroom at school! is your go-to resource for educational and therapeutic toys that double as playtime staples and learning essentials. Find everything you need for fun therapy activities in our store.

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  1. Spry Recovery Flat
    Spry Recovery Pillow
  2. Spry Sensory Stress Reliever
    Spry Sensory Stress Reliever
  3. Yogibo Traybo 2.0
    Yogibo Traybo 2.0
  4. Guidecraft PowerClix Solids Set
    Guidecraft PowerClix Solids Set
  5. Guidecraft Grippies Therapeutic Toys
    Guidecraft Grippies
  6. Guidecraft PowerClix Creativity 40 Pc Set
    Guidecraft PowerClix Creativity 40 Pc Set
  7. Guidecraft Rainbow Blocks Set
    Guidecraft Rainbow Blocks Set
  8. Guidecraft Light Pad - US adapter
    Guidecraft Light Pad - US adapter
    Sale Price $121.76 Regular Price $144.95
  9. Guidecraft Peekaboo Lock Boxes Set of 6
    Guidecraft Peekaboo Lock Boxes Set of 6
    Sale Price $83.96 Regular Price $99.95
  10. Guidecraft Tactile Turn 'N Match
    Guidecraft Tactile Turn 'N Match
    Sale Price $41.96 Regular Price $49.95
  11. Guidecraft Mirror Blocks 10 Piece Set
    Guidecraft Mirror Blocks 10 Piece Set
    Sale Price $29.36 Regular Price $34.95
  12. Guidecraft IO Blocks Set
    Guidecraft IO Blocks Set

Items 1-12 of 18

Set Descending Direction